Who or what is (a) Muga Muga?


Being playful and creative. A magic quality.
“Get your Muga Muga on.”

A sound made by a patterned anima character.
For example a colourful deer exclaimed: “Muga Muga!!”

An inventive, playful action
“Don’t forget to Muga Muga.”

In short Muga Muga is…

…the name for our range of jewelery, accessories and gifts. The name is pure make-believe and, like our range, it is based on imagination.

Our products are created from the heart and inspired by the things we love, the things that make us who we are.

Nostalgic memories from our childhood and our love of being original and creative is a focus of our inspiration.

Muga Muga products are quirky and arty but we strive to make them wearable, affordable and of good quality, so that they can be owned and loved by many.

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